1.       CIF Playoff Bulletin

a.    Game times – All games will be at 3:00 or 5:00.  They will all be originally scheduled for 3:00 so check to see if the time is changed.  Do not be late.

b.     Game fees -- $82.00/$71.00 for diagonal system.

c.     Official Game Ball -- TF 5000 NFHS, TF-SC5 NFHS or TF-SC3 NFHS.  This is important to CIF and also to coaches.  You must file a ball report, even if you don’t want to.  The home team will lose its next opportunity to host a playoff game.

d.    NOISEMAKERS PROHIBITED No noisemakers (horns, bells, victory bells, sirens, chimes, musical instruments other than those in the band, etc. will be permitted inside the gymnasium, stadium or playing fields at any CIF Southern Section contest (non-league, league, tournament or playoff). Cheering devices such as wooden blocks, or other similar objects, are prohibited. Megaphones shall be used only by uniformed cheerleaders for the purpose of directing and controlling rooting sections. The improper use of any of the above listed devices by supporters of a team would subject that team to possible forfeiture of the contest.

e.    Inclement weather – These games are on a tight schedule and CIF would prefer the games be played.  The referee does make the final decision regarding the safety of the field.  If one half is completed when the referee calls the game, the result will stand.  If one half has not been completed, the game will be replayed.

f.      Uniforms – The home team will wear solid white.  You must file a report if they do not.

g.      Tie Breakers

                                  i.      Two ten-minute overtime periods of Golden Goal.  The first team to score wins.  Do not play the second overtime period if not necessary.

                                   ii.      If game is still tied, NFHS kicks from the penalty mark.


2.     First set of 5 kicks – any player not disqualified may kick.

3.     Second set of 5 kicks – any player who did not kick in first set.

4.     Third set of 5 kicks – See #1

5.       Fourth set of 5 kicks – See #2

h.      Squad size – 20 players

i.        Protests

                                   i.      Coaches may direct questions to the game officials as they pertain to a possible misapplication of the rules in accordance with the National Federation Rules governing that sport. No protest may be carried forth once the contest is completed.

                                    ii.      Coaches are encouraged to carry National Federation Rule books with them for all playoff contests.

                                    iii.      Schools will still have the opportunity to protest a contest in accordance with Southern Section rules, Rule 1112, as it pertains to use of ineligible players or violations of any CIF-SS rule in connection with the contest.

j.        Field markings

                                     i.      Spectators must be at least 10 feet away from field and team areas.

                                     ii.      The CONFINED AREA must be marked with a barrier of some kind.

                                     iii.      No one shall be permitted directly behind the goal line unless seated in bleachers.

                                     iv.      CONFINED If the AREA is not marked, referee must file a report. (New this year.)

k.     Home School Supervision -- Faculty supervisors should be individuals who are as familiar as possible with the members of the student body in order to facilitate identification of students whenever necessary.

Visiting School Supervision -- The visiting school should assign a sufficient number of supervisors such that adequate crowd control can be accomplished.